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The time has come to replace our worn-down Sanctuary carpet, as well as repair the weakened floorboards beneath it, and to make other vital infrastructure repairs.

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Morning Service

Shabbat Morning Shaharit

Tehillat & Elohai Neshama-Anna BeKhoah

Ribbon Ha`Olamim & Ezehu Meqoman-Adonai Melekh & VeHaya Adonai LeMelekh

Ps 19 28 33 34 90 91 98 121 122 123 124 135 & 136 (before Barukh SheAmar)

Barukh She’Amar-Kol HaNeshama

After Psalms (including Shirat HaYam) until before Nishmat

Birkat HaShir (Full Blessing after finishing Zemirot)

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Version used on ordinary, non-festive Shabbatot

Shema` with its Preceding Blessings

Blessing After Shema

First Three Berakhot with Qedusha

G Major & D Major

Qedushat HaYom Retse Hoda’ah

Shabbat Morning Torah Reading

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Download Transcript

Download Transcript

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