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The congregational kiddush is an opportunity for congregants and visitors to socialize and mingle after services, humbly serving an important congregational function. Sponsoring a kiddush is a beautiful way to pay tribute to a loved one, celebrate a birthday, anniversary, graduation, a personal accomplishment, or a ritual honor. It is also a great way to foster community – facilitating fellow congregants to catch up with friends, meet new members and guests, and greet synagogue leaders.

We offer three kiddush sponsorship options:*

– $750 Kiddush Sponsorship: Enables us to offer an opportunity on most shabbatot and holidays for congregants to enjoy each other’s company, l’chaims, and tasty treats, such as assorted bourekas, a variety of salads, and desserts.

– $1250 Expanded Kiddush Sponsorship: Enables us to provide a wider array of offerings and higher quantity than the basic kiddush.

$2,500 Kiddush Luncheon Sponsorship: Enables us to provide an expansive lunch menu including a wide variety of appetizers and main courses such as assorted bourekas and kibbehs, Israeli salatim, cholent, kugels, meat mains, pastries, and fruit. When dairy, it includes a fish station, cheese assortment, and savory dairy entrees.

In addition, we also appreciate kiddush support through smaller sponsorship options:

  • $250 Kiddush Supporter
  • $72 Scotch sponsor
  • $54 Wine sponsor
  • $25 Arak sponsor


*Prices subject to change.


We could use a couple of sponsors each week to help maintain the warmth of our community!

To sponsor a kiddush, please fill out and submit our online form>>

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