Support our 2024 Year of Hope Capital Campaign!

The time has come to replace our worn-down Sanctuary carpet, as well as repair the weakened floorboards beneath it, and to make other vital infrastructure repairs.

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2024 Year of Hope Capital Campaign: Replacing our Sanctuary Carpet & Other Vital Repairs

Our Sanctuary is a prayer space of profound beauty, dignity, and serenity that has stood the test of time. While, to the casual eye, the majesty of the space endures, there’s an undeniable truth beneath our feet—our carpet is torn and tattered, bearing witness to the countless footsteps of generations within these walls. The need for floorboard replacements has become evident as well, but the true extent of the damage remains hidden beneath the worn-out carpet.

It’s time to replace the carpet, in both the men’s and women’s sections, so that our sacred space reflects the reverence it deserves.

This Year of Hope capital campaign is a short and targeted effort, running from now through March. It is important to note that this initiative does not replace our annual Spring and Fall fundraisers, which are essential to fill the gap between membership dues and our annual operating budget. The funds raised in this Year of Hope capital campaign will be dedicated solely to replacing the carpet, fixing the floorboards, and some vital infrastructure repairs, breathing new life into our cherished space. We plan to commence the work in the Sanctuary during the upcoming summer months, when our prayer services routinely move downstairs to our Summer Sanctuary in the Levy Auditorium.

We are seeking 100% participation from our community, demonstrating the collective strength and commitment that defines us. Together, we can ensure that our sanctuary stands for generations to come.  

Thanks to our contributors (as of 2/21/24), we are approaching our $500,000 goal!

David Adelman
Alfandary-Nahon Family
David & Leah Altman
Anonymous (6)
Lewis Bateman
Esme & Roger Berg
Nava & Dan Bettinger
Eugene (Shlomo) Brody
Diane & Yakov Burstein
Karen & Jack Daar
Rose & Henry Edinger
Malka & Z. Edinger
Josh Eisen
Jonathan & Stephanie Freilich
Frieber Family
Sidney Gerson
Carol & Arthur Goldberg
Maggie & Andre Guenoun
Susan & Roger Hertog
Dr. James & Debra Herstoff
Meryl Jaffe & Adam Hurwich
Ellen & Robert Kapito
Kaplan/Cycowicz family
Vicki & Sam Katz
Lynn Kaye
Alan Kestenbaum & Aviva Preminger by Asher Foundation
Ruth & Larry Kobrin
Marcia & David Lavipour
David Lerner
Joseph Levin
Rachel Brody & Michael Lustig
Sheba Mandel
Liliane Marks
Jonathan de Sola Mendes
Enid Moskowitz
Naomi & Peter Neustadter
Hayyim Obadyah
Carolyn & Steve Okin
Tikva & Irwin Ostrega
Barbara & Guy Reiss
Gustave Rieu
Roberts Family
Arnie & Sondra Rosen
Debbie & David Sable
Roy Sacks
Gillian & Simon Salama-Caro
Jacob Salomon
Carla & Jonah Schein
Frieda & Isaac Schlesinger
Judy & Joel Schreiber
Esther & William Schulder
Sisterhood of the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue
Suchu & Meyer Solny
Solomon Family
Marlene & Michael Sperling
Robert Starkand
Susan & Warren Stern
Daniel Suckewer
Margo & Benjamin Suckewer
Arthur Tenenholtz
Madelene & L. Stanton Towne
Everett Weinberger
Rivka & Marc Wiznia
Wolkovisky family
Alan H Zweibel


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