Fast Days

Listen to some of the Tisha B’Ab prayers chanted by Hazzan Rabbi Ira Rohde in our Spanish & Portuguese Minhag.

Performed by Rabbi Ira Rohde

This kinah (elegy) is sung on the morning of the Ninth of Ab. It is a bitter lament describing the uprooting and exile of the Jewish people from their homeland. In this recording, the kinah is sung by Rabbi Ira Rohde with a musical accompaniment composed and performed by him. The musical accompaniment is in the style of a medieval Spanish folksong from which the traditional  melody is likely derived. When sung in the synagogue the kinah is heard without any musical accompaniment.

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This document contains the evening service for the Fast of Ab. It was prepared by Lisa Rohde & Rabbi Ira Rohde.

This document has all the prayers, book of Lamentations, rubrics and instructions and transliteration of the communal responses; but it does not contain an English translation.

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Evening Service for the Fast of Ab excerpted from Isaac Leeser’s Sifte Tsadikim / Form of Prayers according to the custom of the Spanish & Portuguese Jews, Volume 6 – Fast Days (Philadelphia, 1838.)

This document contains the complete text of the prayers and Book of Lamentations, including an English translation for the evening service of the Fast of Ab.

This scan has very low resolution.

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Word-Processed Version, in order normally used at Cong. Shearith Israel.

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