Board of Trustees

We are proud to have an active and involved Board of Trustees that has guided the congregation throughout our great history.

Board of Trustees (effective July 1, 2022)

Louis M. Solomon, Parnas
Karen Daar, Segan
Michael P. Lustig, Segan

Leah Albek
Dr. Victoria R. Bengualid
David E.R. Dangoor
Seth Haberman
David J. Nathan, Honorary Parnas
Avery Neumark
Peter Neustadter, Honorary Parnas
Zoya Raynes
Bruce Roberts
David Sable
Oliver Stanton
L. Stanton Towne

Clerk: Ariel Bengio
Treasurer: Francine Alfandary

Honorary Trustees

Dr. Edgar Altchek
Paul J. Beispel
Henri Bengualid
Norman S. Benzaquen
Esmé E. Berg
Arthur A. Goldberg
Michael Katz
Jonathan de Sola Mendes
Gilles Sion
Mark Tsesarsky
Ralph J. Sutton
Roy J. Zuckerberg

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