Grade School Programming

Shabbat Youth Program

On Shabbat, we believe our children should learn to pray as well as develop a deeper appreciation for Jewish learning. Our Shabbat Youth Program begins at 10:00 am on Shabbat. Tots and grade school children gather in the Fidanque Youth Room for a fun curriculum of educational and entertaining activities connected to the parasha of the week and other Jewish themes, and later move to our Small Synagogue for their Jr. Congregation services.

Junior Congregation

Junior Congregation is a lively, participatory service for children ages 5–12. While prayer is always a part of youth groups, on select weeks we will also have Torah reading. Children learn Shearith Israel’s melodies and have opportunities to lead prayers, read Torah and perform mitzvot. On some weeks there are also raffles with prizes for attendance and participation.

For audio files, click here.

Parent-Child Learning

Learning! Pizza! Sushi! S’mores! Quality time with Shearith Israel clergy! Special sessions led by creative parents! What more could you ask for? 

Follow our calendar and youth emails for each session’s registration and sponsorship opportunities.

High Holiday Programming for Children

Rosh Hashana, Kippur and Succot

While the adults of the congregation are enjoying the beautiful tefillah of the High Holy Days in the sanctuary, we have wonderful, fun, and educational learning activities as well as youth-led tefillah for the children. Ages 0-4 enjoy quality childcare, holiday story-telling, and songs.  Children 5-12 play fun educational games lead by our engaging group leaders.  Join for special programs like a shofar blowing exercise and a sheheheyanu party.

When you submit your seating requests, please include your children so that we can include them in our activities.

Girls’ Book of Ruth

On the First Day of Shabuot, the girls of our synagogue recite Megillat Ruth for the congregation in the Main Sanctuary after services. If your daughter would like to participate, please contact Mrs. Lisa Rohde.

Following the conclusion of services, the congregation joins together for a Kiddush luncheon held in the their honor. 

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