Support our 2024 Year of Hope Capital Campaign!

The time has come to replace our worn-down Sanctuary carpet, as well as repair the weakened floorboards beneath it, and to make other vital infrastructure repairs.

Click here to learn more about this targeted campaign to restore our sacred space.

Hanukkah 5783

Rabbi Soloveichik's Hanukkah Lecture Series

“The Menorah Through the Ages”

Celebrate the Spanish and Portuguese tradition of making waffles in honor of the days of ופלא (wonder)!

Enjoy waffles, snacks, prizes, Kahoot Trivia, family candlelighting, Rabbi Rohde & his accordion, and much more!

Antisemitism is intensifying. Our efforts to fight it must be even stronger.

Join us for a Hanukkah concert with Yonina, the Jewish musical duo from Israel who have become a global sensation and performed all over the world.

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