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The time has come to replace our worn-down Sanctuary carpet, as well as repair the weakened floorboards beneath it, and to make other vital infrastructure repairs.

Click here to learn more about this targeted campaign to restore our sacred space.

Community Initiatives

Bring them Home Now
“Marching and Running for Their Lives”

Sundays, 11:00 am | Central Park West & 90th Street
(Organized by Hostages and Missing Families Forum, New York)

All are invited to support this global initiative to bring home our hostages: Every Sunday at 11 am, meet at Central Park West and 90th Street, and then run or walk the 1.5 mile bridle path.

Participants are encouraged to bring Israeli flags and wear BringThemHome T-shirts.

Letters to the IDF

Organized by the Sisterhood

CSI will be sending letters of encouragement to active soldiers in the IDF. Let’s send as many letters and cards as we can. Children, teens, and adults: please prepare a letter or card, put it in an envelope, and drop it off in the collection box at the synagogue. We’ll deliver them to our contact in Israel who will ensure they reach IDF bases.

The IDF will be engaged in this fight for a long while.
We’ll continue to collect letters and cards and keep sending.

Political Advocacy

What can you do to release all the hostages?


Take one minute every day to contact your elected official. If we all reach out to our elected officials—now and constantly—we stand a much better, realistic chance of ensuring that the return of all the hostages continues to remain a top U.S. and global priority. This website simplifies the process inserting your zipcode and making phone calls and emailing your congressperson and senator.


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