2023 Spring Fundraiser


Seven Iconic Images in the History of Israel, and the Stories Behind Them

An Important 7-Part Virtual Series by Rabbi Meir Soloveichik

Photo from the National Photo Collection of Israel, Photography dept. Government Press Office


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In this series of seven lectures, Rabbi Soloveichik will examine seven of the most iconic images in the history of Israel, telling the story behind each photo, and the event or person it captured. Each presentation will be offered over Zoom and will be a visual experience, pairing the image with many others, revealing largely unknown aspects in Israeli history. This, in turn, will allow us to better appreciate what it means to mark Israel’s 75th year, and to look expectantly toward its future.

This special series serves as our Congregation’s annual Spring Fundraiser and provides essential support to our Congregation.

All sessions will be livestreamed in the evenings, except for a special Yom Yerushalayim lecture, on Thursday, May 18, which will be streamed at 12:30 pm Eastern Time, 7:30 pm Israel time, so that our friends in Israel (and in Europe) can more easily join.

All sponsors will be recognized in a beautiful content-rich commemorative booklet that will be mailed out after the series.

Sponsorship Opportunities


All Series Underwriters will receive a distinctive, full-page color ad, and up to 5 commemorative booklets

  • Visionary – $18,000
  • Sanctity – $10,000
  • Independence – $5,000
  • Liberty – $3,600

* Special Offer for Series Underwriters: Don’t worry about missing a livestream; a recording of the lectures will be made available to you.


  • Hope – Full page B/W ad, up to 4 commemorative booklets – $1,800
  • Determination – 1/2  page ad, up to 3 commemorative booklets – $1,000
  • Unity – 1/4 page ad, up to 2 commemorative booklets – $360
  • Endurance – Listing only, 1 commemorative booklet – $250

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Lecture Schedule

Premiere Session #1 | Monday, April 17 | Yom HaShoah Presentation | 7:30 pm

“The Eichmann Trial, The Reaction, and What it Teaches us Today”

Session #2 | Tuesday, April 25 | 7:30 pm

“Declaration of Independence: The Tale of an Event Two Thousand Years in the Making”

Session #3 | Tuesday, May 2 | 7:30 pm

“The Exodus: From a Ship to a Book to a Movie”

Session #4 | Tuesday, May 9 | 7:30 pm

“Golda: From the Photographs to Helen Mirren”

Session #5 | Tuesday, May 16 | 7:30 pm

“Begin And Sadat: The Unlikely Friendship that Changed the Middle East”

Session #6 | Thursday, May 18 | 12:30 pm ET/7:30 pm Israel time

“Soldiers at the Wall: A Yom Yerushalayim Presentation”

Session #7 | Tuesday, May 23 | Special Pre-Shabuot Finale | 7:30 pm

“The Blind Boy and the Image: David Rubenstein’s Favorite Photo and the Future of Israel”

Thank you to our sponsors (as of May 14, 2023)

Visionary ($18,000):

Susan & Roger Hertog

Ellen and Robert Kapito

Naomi & Peter Neustadter

The Solomon Family

Stacey & Oliver Stanton and family

Stan & Madelene Towne


Sanctity ($10,000):

Nicole & Raanan Agus


Meryl Jaffe & Adam Hurwich

Vicki & Sam Katz

Alan Kestenbaum

Gillian & Simon Salama-Caro


Independence ($5,000):

Anonymous (2)

Karen & Jack Daar

The Lustig-Brody Family

The Roberts Family


Liberty ($3,600):

Anonymous (2)

Raymond D. Jasen

Alene Schneierson & Morris Krimolovsky

Dr. Susan Lobel

The Nathan Family

Sharon Dane and Gail Propp

Ivy & Marvin Schildkraut


Hope ($1,800):

Lewis Bateman

Zoya Raynes & Naftali Robert Friedman

Carol & Arthur Goldberg

Rachel Neumark Herlands & Jonathan Herlands

Debbie & David Sable

Carol & Alan Schechter

The Sisterhood of the Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue


Determination ($1,000):

Jeannette & Fred Bogart

Eva E. Deutsch

Raquel & Steve Herz

David Schimel

Maimon Schwarzschild

Ealan & Melinda Wingate


Unity ($360):

Anonymous (3)

Bonnie Barest and Family

Fred Baumgarten

Nava & Dan Bettinger

Malaika & Anthony Bregman

Viviane Bregman

Karen Heilig & Ivan Ciment

Rose & Henry Edinger

Faith Fogelman

Reuben, Matea, and Laury Frieber

Joyce & David Friedman

Judy & Robert Friedman

Judy & Marty Grumet

Janegail & James Kahn

The Klaber Family

Joyce & Edward Misrahi

Carla & Jonah Schein

Esther & Bill Schulder

Lu, Michael, & Talia Schulder, Ilana & Daniel Ross

Sara & Warren Sherman

Felicia & Dr. Henry Spencer

Gale & Steven Spira

Howard & Linda Sterling

Rachel & Dr. David Vorchheimer

Marion & Billy Weiss

Farida Kassin & Sergio Wolkovisky

Charlotte Triefus & Lloyd Zuckerberg


Endurance ($250):


Lynda Hill & Marc Albaum

The Alfandary-Nahon Family

Leah Kasztl & David Altman

Anonymous (2)

Michie & Rabbi Jeff Berger

Avram & Sharon Blumenthal

Karyn Braka Bogart

Eric Braverman, MD

Rabbi Meier Brueckheimer

Chaplain, Major, Bruce Bublick, USAF (Retired)

Robert Burke

Vania Carvalho

Daniel Chazin

Miriam & Yale Drazin

Helen & Mannes Friedman

Nicola & Philip Garcia

Helena & Marvin Goldstein

Elon Granader, MD

Judith Grant

Debra & Dr. James Herstoff

Barbara Klein

Lawrence & Ruth Kobrin

Chavie Kahn & Heshy Kofman

Daniel Laifer

Lola Langner

Aviva Lev-Ari

Lisa & Nathan Low

Lydia Mark

Liliane Marks

Mark Perkins

Judy & Dr Joseph Pollak

Rima Raynes

Barbara & Guy Reiss

Jan Rothschild

Evelyn & Salomon Sassoon

Martine & Jack Schenker

Ronnie & Andrew Schonzeit

Tovah & Rabbi Gershon Segal

Ruth Shapiro

Rabbi Dr. Sanford H. Shudnow, Chaplain, U.S. Navy (retired)

Karen & Roy Simon

Dr. & Mrs. Steven Siskind

Debby Sondheim

Radine Spier

Janet & Sholom Spitz

Susan & Warren Stern

Stephen F. Vatner, MD

Margo Y. Woll

Barbara T. R. Zimet

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