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A Community Shabbat Dinner with Magevet, Yale’s Jewish Acapella Group

February 3, 2023    
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Friday Evening, Shabbat Shira, February 3
Following Evening Services & Friday Night Lights

What better way to enjoy Shabbat Shira than with shira, song? Following our Friday evening services – always musically exquisite – registered guests will enjoy a festive Shabbat dinner enhanced by a musical performance by Magevet, Yale University’s Jewish, Hebrew, and Israeli acapella group. A co-ed ensemble, comprised of talented undergraduate students at Yale University, Magevet is known for its sweet blend of voices, unique arrangements, and lighthearted sense of humor, and is one of the nation’s premiere Jewish acapella singing groups.

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PRICING (Early Bird through January 12)

Member Adult – Early Bird $48 (Regular $52)

Non-member Adult – Early Bird $52 (Regular $56)

Child – Early Bird $35 (Regular $35)

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