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Historic Torah Scrolls Restoration Project

Shearith Israel owns 49 Torah Scrolls. Of these about a dozen are kosher (fit for ritual use). Our hazzan, Rabbi Ira Rohde, rotates these sifrei Torah so that most of these scrolls remain in active use during the liturgical year.


Some scrolls have fallen into disuse because of relatively minor problems, such as cracked letters. Other problems affecting the kosher status of a Torah are harder to repair, such as fading or discolored letters, flaking ink, or mold accumulation. Many of these scrolls are waiting for expert repairs to be made so that these holy objects can be put back into use. However, there are also a significant number of scrolls that are damaged beyond repair.


Earlier this year, we began a project to assess all of our sifrei Torah and identify if any of our historic scrolls could be repaired and returned to kosher status. Several historic scrolls were identified as repairable.


The scroll that we decided to inaugurate this repair project with is called the “Samuel N. Hart Sefer” which you can read all about in our Commemorative Booklet from our "Travels of the Torah" Year of Years event. It was expertly repaired by Rabbi Hanokh Gez (pictured above) of Machon Ot, under the direction of Rabbi Yizhak Goldstein, and used in a majestic rededication ceremony.


Depending on available funds, additional historic scrolls will be repaired. We hope to work on the Ephraim Hart Sefer next.


We hope that all of you will join us in this important and historic project.

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