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High Holidays 5783 Seating Reservations

This year, Rosh HaShana is on Sunday evening, September 25 through Tuesday, September 27, and Kippur is on Tuesday evening, October 4, and Wednesday, October 5.

Seating reservations have been re-opened for Kippur.

To request seats, click here (members) or here (non-members).

We are offering both Indoor Services in our Main Sanctuary and Outdoor Services next door on Paved Paradise to all of our members and guests.

Both services will be beautiful and uplifting and Rabbi Soloveichik will be spending time with each and delivering his sermons at both. Some key differences:

Main Sanctuary:

  1. Rabbi Ira Rohde will be leading the services accompanied by the choir.
  2. Only individuals who are up to date on their vaccinations (see CDC’s guidance on keeping up to date) are permitted to select seats in the Main Sanctuary.
  3. Seating in the Main Sanctuary will be assigned, with sufficient spacing between families and groups.
  4. We will provide a mask-only section for individuals/families who select that option.
  5. Although we will endeavor to seat full members with permanent assigned seats at (or very close to) their assigned seat, in order to ensure a comfortable and safe environment for all, we cannot guarantee those seats. Pease understand and, for the sake of the community, please be flexible.

Outdoor Services on Paved Paradise:

  1. Outdoor services will take place on both mornings of Rosh Hashana and throughout Kippur. Congregants who are assigned seats outdoors are invited to pray in the Main Sanctuary for all evening services on Rosh Hashana. With our capacious sanctuary that will allow for plenty of elbow room, our enhanced HVAC system, personal air-purifiers throughout the sanctuary, and a mask-only section for those who prefer, we hope everyone will feel comfortable in our sanctuary during those services.
  2. While anyone may choose to wear a mask outdoors, individuals who are not up to date on their vaccinations (see CDC’s guidance on keeping up to date) will be expected to wear a mask outdoors.
  3. Rev. Zachary Edinger will be leading the outdoor services.
  4. Without a choir and somewhat quicker service, morning services will start a little later.
  5. Seating will be open seating with ample space for people to spread out.

Please review all the reservation instructions below. Bear in mind that our plans are subject to change.

All Members are asked to respond: All Members, even if you DO NOT intend on reserving any seats for Rosh HaShana or Kippur, we very much want to hear from you and ask you to click here to let us know. That way, we can better gauge our capacity and accommodate as many members and guests as possible. Remember: you need to be logged in to your ShulCloud account in order to submit the form. If you need assistance logging in to your account and/or completing your seating reservation, please contact Sarah Gross at

Add-on Member reservations: To request seats for your children who are “Add-On Members” to your membership account, please contact Sarah at to add them to your seat request.

Selecting your venue: The reservation form will ask you to submit your preference for 1) Indoor Services in the Main Sanctuary, or 2) Outdoor Services next door to the synagogue on Paved Paradise. Both options are being offered to Full and Associate members, as well as to Non-Members. and we will accommodate everyone to the best of our ability. If you are requesting seats in addition to your membership allotment, you will be asked to pay at this time. Pricing is the same for either venue. See pricing details below.

Receiving your tickets: We will send out your ticket(s) closer to the holidays. Please print a ticket (for each member of your group) and bring it to services.

Childcare, Youth Programming, and seating for Youth: We plan on offering High Holiday childcare and youth groups this year.  Please be sure to indicate your interest in youth programming on the registration form so we can gauge demand. You may also request seats for your child(ren) below Bar/Bat Mitzvah, provided they are healthy and can sit with their parent for the duration of the service.


Everyone (Members and Non-Members) should submit their reservations by September 12.  After the deadline, it may become difficult to reserve seats, especially for groups, including immediate family members, who wish to sit together.



In order to honor your reservations, you will be asked to pay in full if any seat charges apply, or if there are any outstanding balances (e.g., membership dues, fees, offerings, sponsorships or other past due items) on your synagogue account.


For Members:

Members and Add-Ons are entitled to seats as listed below BUT MUST OPT-IN TO RESERVE:

Member Individuals: 1 seat at no charge

Member Couples/Families: 2 seats (1 men’s and 1 women’s) at no charge

Add-On Members: 1 seat at no charge

Additional guest pricing:

Guests of Full members: $250

Children under 12 of Full members (not Add-On): $25

Guests of Associate Members: $300

Children under 12 of Associate Members: $50

For Non-Members:

Non-Member adult: $360

Children under 12: $100

Price includes all or any of the services: both days of Rosh HaShana as well as Kippur. If you don’t expect to attend both holidays, please let us know which one(s) you will not attend, so we can accommodate others.

Kippur Memorial Offerings & Succot Thanksgiving Offerings

As is our custom, this year Memorial Prayers will be read in front of the Ark on Kippur; and Thanksgiving offerings will be read in front of the Ark on Succot. Submit your offerings here.

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