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Wine and Cheese: A Pre-Pesah Educulinary Event with Rabbi Soloveichik

Wednesday, March 29, 7:00PM

Say "Cheese!"  In the tradition of our past stand-out "educulinary" events, we are delighted to bring you a spirited and educational wine and cheese pairing party.  We will sample a spectrum of wines carefully paired with a wide range of goat, sheep, and cow cheeses. In discussion with rabbinic foodie, Rabbi Soloveichik, we will learn about the biblical sources and Israeli history of wine production with Israel's pioneer vintner, Ya'acov Ben Dor of Yatir wineries, learn about quality kosher cheese making from, "The Cheese Guy", Brent Delman, hear about the amazing gastronomical advances in Israel's wine and cheese culture. Register here. 
Wines and kosher for Passover cheeses will be offered for purchase.  20% of your purchase will be donated to the synagogue.



Balthazar Sponsor (includes up to 5 participants) - $500
Methuselah Sponsor (includes up to 3 participants) - $360
Jeroboam Sponsor (includes up to 2 participants) - $250
Magnum Sponsor (includes 1 participant) - $180

Deadline Monday, March 27:

Members- $30

Non-members- $40


Omer Board

Shearith Israel’s “Omer Board” dates back to the Mill Street Synagogue of 1730, and may indeed go back to the early years of the Congregation’s history. 

Gershom Mendes Seixas

Gershom Mendes Seixas (1745-1816) was the first American-born spiritual leader of Shearith Israel.